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joseph savart guadeloupe free women of c
joseph savart guadeloupe free women of c

Materializing Race


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Virtual Presentation Dates:

Day 1: Monday, August 24,2020, 1:00-3:45PM EST

Day 2: Tuesday, August 25,2020, 1:00-3:45PM EST

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We would like to thank the Society of Winterthur Fellows for their generous sponsorship of this event.


Day One


Day One: Monday, August 24,2020, 1:00-3:45PM EST

Panel I: Adornment, Agency & the Body

Day One Moderator:

Zara Anishanslin

University of Delaware

Fellow 2020-21, Davis Center, Department of History,

Princeton University

The Deerskin as Signifier of Timucuan Racial Identity in Theodor de Bry’s Brevis narratio eorum quæ in Florida (1591)

Thomas Balfe

University of Edinburgh

‘They are greatlye Diligted with puppets’: The Materiality of Wax and the Body in Atlantic Encounters

Laura Earls

University of Delaware

Dispossession in Lace: Jacobean Ruffs and Materializing White Authority in Jamestown

Lauren Working

University of Oxford

Beads of Resistance: Trans-Atlanticism, Abolition and Anti-Blackness

Kerry Sinanan

University of Texas at San Antonio

The Racecraft of Early American Jewish Miniatures

Laura Arnold Leibman

Reed College

Indigeneity, Disability, and Metalsmithing in Sequoyah’s Silver Medal

Natalie Wright

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Day One: Monday, August 24,2020

Panel II: Resistance, Ritual & Performativity

Black Sanctity

Miguel A. Valerio

Washington University in St. Louis

Hiding Places and Living Spaces: An Archaeology of Building Deposits in Plural Contexts

Rebekah Planto

The College of William and Mary

Pentecostal Dance and Proto-Abolitionist Noise on the Appalachian Watersheds: The Case of Cane Ridge

Christopher Smith

Texas Tech University School of Music

Enslaved People’s Concealment of Objects at Stagville Plantation

Whitney Nell Stewart

University of Texas at Dallas

Slavery in Paper and Polychrome: Temporality and Materiality in the Dioramas of Gerrit Schouten

Nicholas Rinehart

Dartmouth College


Day Two


Day Two: Tuesday, August 25,2020, 1:00-3:45PM EST

Panel III: [Dis]Possession & Personhood

Day Two Moderator:

Janine Yorimoto Boldt

American Philosophical Society

Creole Conversation Pieces: Philip Wickstead in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica

Chloe Northrop

Tarrant County College

A Seraglio in Connecticut: Race, Slavery, and Feminine Virtue in New England Schoolgirl Art

Emily Wells

The College of William and Mary

The Bag my Kunsi Made: ‘Settlement,’ Indigeneity, and the Narrative Erasure of Slavery in Wisconsin’s History

Kai Pyle

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Colonizing Taste: A Mesoamerican Staple in Casta and Contemporary Art

Sheila Scoville

Florida State University

What the Sub-Floor Pit Holds: Musical Instruments as a Missing Artifact in the Archaeological Record

Luke J. Pecoraro

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

A Colony in Birch Bark: Exploring the Indigenous Materialities of Elizabeth Simcoe’s Picturesque Landscapes

Mairead Horton

Day Two: Tuesday, August 25,2020

Panel IV: Revolution & Sovereignty

Spirit Bottles

Jeremy Dennis

Shinnecock Indian Nation, New York, and On This Site: Indigenous Long Island

Forging Freedom: Enslaved African Americans at James Hunter’s Iron Works

Kate Gruber

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

Representations of Race and Identity in Jonathas Granville’s Portrait

Bethânia Santos Pereira

Universidade Estadual de Campinas

The Myth of the Tignon and the Invention of New Orleans

Jonathan M. Square

Harvard University

Ultima Ratio: Confronting the Power of Haitian Artillery in Northern New York

Matthew Keagle

Fort Ticonderoga

Four Creole Women

Date: 1770

Place: Guadeloupe

Maker: Joseph Savart

Location: Musée Schœlcher


Accession No.: 2009.1.1

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